YeloGreen School Graffiti Art


A child’s mind is a wonderland of imagination, hence, we make the school attractive through graffiti art, so that the children can look forward to coming to school everyday. 

problem 1

problem 1

Our Solution

Through colourful walls and graffiti art that children will love, we design the entire school in such a way that the school not only becomes a place to learn but also have fun.

Why are we doing this?

The condition of schools in rural areas do not ideally reflect a ‘Temple of Knowledge’. Cracks in the wall, water leaks and an unpleasant smell are some of the issues we were exposed to. Any child would not want to go to a place which does not seem exciting.  To tackle this issue, we came up with this innovative yet simple idea.

problem 1


  • Due to graffiti art, the kids arrived to school early.  Since, school becomes the most attractive place in the vicinity, children are eager to attend the school. The kids do not just attend classes but also associate the school as a happy place for them to be!
  • Increased class attendance -  We observed an increase in about 30% of class attendance in the first week of revamp of the school. In conversation with the principal over the attendance issue, he mentioned that a lot of students would not attend the school missing important lectures, but after the beautification of the premises, the students have been coming in more regularly.
  • Inspires creativity and development - According to multiple reports, arts can contribute to cognitive, emotional and social development of a student. Thereby providing them with holistic development required at an early age.

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