First of its kind and a sustainable innovation:

  • Converts into a floor desk with in-built floor mat
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Fosters essential cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability habits
  • Add on sustainability kit.
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Product Description and Relevance

  1. Converts into a floor desk with in-built floor mat
  2. All Good In One Bag -
    • Millions of bags end up going to the landfill across the globe causing an environmental hazard
    • An innovatively designed sustainable solution to waste generation and children' health concerns

YELOGREEN Sustainability Kit

Our sustainability kit is specially designed to foster essential  habits of cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability among students.


Steel Water Bottle

Steel Tiffin with Spoon

Cloth Pad

Fosters essential hygiene and sustainability habits through the sustainability kit:

Litter Pouch - Teaches them the importance of cleanliness

Soap Pouch - Teaches the students hygiene and cleanliness

Sanitary Pouch - For girls to help them live a life with dignity and understand the value of cleanliness

Meal Box + Spoon Pouch - Steel boxes to ensure they do not use plastic

Multi-purpose Pouch - Pouch that can be used for multiple things like grocery shopping

Why we created YeloGreen Bag? -

We came across 4 primary concerns of the rural India schools:

  • Every Student deserves a School bag - Soiled books when carried in plastic bags so school bag is a basic requirement
  • Basic posture comfort while studying is a basic need - 4 out of 10 students suffer postural issues while sitting on the floor, according to a study from a University in Gujarat.
  • Existing Bags landing in Landfills which has to stop - At present School Bags used by urban kids and others are being thrown in landfills causing major environmental hazard.
  • Cleanliness, hygiene and sustainability has to become a fundamental habit - Health is one of the main concerns of under developed villages in India. The children often fall sick and miss school due to this. Hygiene and sustainability habits are an absolute essential in today's time. And though we know that such habits should be inculcated at a very early age, most rural students get little education on this.
  • Our contribution to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - To help the government reach its goal, we wanted to initiate a micro level movement through our bag. The innovation of adding a small yet impactful litter pouch came alive through this.

Impact it is creating:


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