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Something as simple as a lack of footwear stops a child’s pathway to education. We, at Ennoble, create shoes with recyclable materials to help children attain their right/basic need.

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Problem :

While it may be beneficial to walk barefoot, you are susceptible to injury from different forms of terrain like rough or wet surfaces, or issues with temperature, glass or other sharp objects on the ground. One also has the chance of exposing themselves to harmful bacteria, or infections which can be permanent in nature.

Solution :

Therefore, to eradicate such issues we provide them with robust yet comfortable shoes. These shoes are made out of recycled material and hence, promote sustainability.

problem 1


  • With every shoe that is produced, 30 pounds of carbon dioxide is released in our atmosphere and every year more than 15 billion pairs of shoes manufactured.
  • Shoes can be extremely toxic for our environment as they contain harmful chemicals, fossil fuels. These toxins are debilitating wildlife and human health. Ultimately, disposed shoes release chemicals which leak and contaminate water. By recycling shoes, we protect the environment from such contaminants and reduce gas emissions. With every upcycled pair of shoes, we lower the amount of industrial waste that is being dumped throughout our planet. This is how we can contribute in safeguarding the environment for our future generations.

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