Special activity driven educational courses specially created to foster learning on cleanliness environmental concerns, develop hygiene, sustainability habits and inspire kids to become Green Ambassadors of Tomorrow. Through planned activities, interactive games and videos YeloGreen Sustainability Education course is designed to foster activities and experiential teaching methods, is designed to foster:

  1. Importance and Threats to environment 
  2. Tree Plantation 
  3. Education on Plastic Boon or curse
  4. Posture: Importance of Posture - Basic stretching and yoga 
  5. Importance of zero litter
  6. Importance of Cleanliness and Hygiene
  7. Importance of Waste Segregation Segregation
  8. Importance of upcycling / recycling
  9. Global Warming - The Threat to our Earth
  10. Sustainability Quiz

Thereby resulting in them learning these concepts through experiences.

What we are trying to do through our course:

Due to the lack of importance given to environmental issues, mankind has been dealing with its adverse effects of late. But, if the future generations are taught the right values leading to reversing climate change, it would be a giant leap for mankind to adopt the path of sustainable living.


  • Improved understanding of Critical Environmental Issues
  • Love for Nature
  • Importance of Cleanliness and Waste management
  • Plastic pollution and understanding the importance of upcycling and recycling
  • Hygiene and Health.

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